RKCLC provides a power packed Pre-School Curriculum and Nutritional Meals and Snacks. Pre-School age (potty trained) children want to know how things happen, how things work. Exploration, roll play and daily curriculum begin to answer these questions and help children to learn who thy are and what part they play in life. Children will begin to learn their Alphabet, Numbers, Name Recognition, etc…Fundamentally preparing them for the structure they need to for Kindergarten.


Our Pre-School units work in stages: Pre-K 1, Pre-K 2, and Pre-K 3. As the children move from one class to the other, they will learn more and more as their skills are put to the test.

  1. Pre-K 1 works with students to learn to write their name, learn their capital letters, learn their numbers 0-10 and learn the basics of socialization with their friends.
  2. Pre-K 2 works with students to learn to recognize their friends names, learn their lower-case letters, learn their numbers 11-20, and continues to teach the basics of socialization with their friends.
  3. Pre-K 3 is our last preschool unit the students are in before they enter Kindergarten. In Pre-K 3 the students know their capital and lower-case letters and will continue on their penmanship on writing their letters. They know their numbers 0-20, and will continue to learn numbers 21+. They will learn to discuss events in their classroom, and work together with their friends to plan and prepare events with their teacher. As the year continues, we will add Kindergarten Readiness (site words, beginning reading, beginning math, etc…)

Our preschool teachers are knowledgeable in working with their students and helping them to learn through play, curriculum and instruction.

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20+ years in Educating Wichita 
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