Our Infant Unit accepts students between the ages of 2 weeks and 12 months. Our Infant Professionals understand the importance of milestones for infants. Their training consists of:

  • SIDS–Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and SAFE SLEEP

Infants MUST nap in a crib, using the “Back to Sleep” method. Blankets and other materials are not allowed in the bed with the infants. Please bring a sleep sack or infant sleeper for their nap time, if you feel they need the extra comfort. But also be aware that overheating can also be a problem when it comes to SIDS.  Our policy for checking infants is to check on them in the Crib every 5 minutes while they are sleeping. Below is the SIDS Contract that is required for ALL infants enrolled in our programs:  Safe_Sleep_policy_new_logo  (PDF)

  • Infant Milestones

Our Infant Specialist are required to know your child, and work with your child at their level. They will ensure that your child is meeting milestones, growing, healthy, and happy. Our Infant Specialist will work with parents to ensure that everyone is on one accord and understands what the infant is capable of.


  • Infant Feeding

Meal Times are a Special Time for all Children. It is a time to enjoy food and socialization. Our Infant Teachers are taught the basics of infant feeding. They are given the knowledge and understanding of what infants require and what to be aware of for the health and safety of meal time.

  • Diapering Procedures

Diapering is not a task that we feel everyone understands naturally. There is a way to change diapers that is safe and healthy for students and staff, as well as regulation in the State of Kansas. This diapering technique is taught to all new teachers, as well as reviewed annually for clear understanding and training on any changes that may be made to the State Regulation. The State Regulated Diaper Technique is attached as a PDF form: CCL_025_Diapering_of_Children_in_Child_Care (PDF)

  • Sanitation

Sanitation is also something that we feel needs to be taught for the health and safety of everyone involved. Sanitation involves the understanding of how to perform the basic cleaning procedures in the unit. In our homes we may tidy up. In daycare, because so many come in and out daily, and different children may play with the same toy, sanitation is required to keep everyone healthy. The main rule regarding sanitation is to use a Bleach/Water Solution and leave on for 2 minutes. So please pardon our sanitation mess if you come in during that time, we strive to keep our facility sanitized and free of germs at all times.