Choosing where children will go to daycare, preschool, elementary, and even college will always be decisions that worries parents to be concerned if they are making the right decisions. Be concerned no longer, we specialize in working with children 2 weeks to 12 years. Our Instructors work under the close supervision of our Directors, to make sure that the Emotional, Physical, and Educational welfare of the students are met at all times. The following information will help guide you to complete your enrollment forms.

The Initial Paper work you will need to submit are included in the following link. You are able to fill out all of the paper work except for Page 3 of the Medical Record. This is a Health Assessment (Physical) for your child’s Doctor to fill out which allows them to attend care. You will also need to get a copy of your child’s Immunization Records from your Child’s Doctor. Each of these forms from your Child’s Doctor as well as the following forms completed in detail are required prior to attendance at RKCLC:

kids reading books


2016-2017-enrollment-forms-rkclc-abc (PDF Pack)


Attached is a copy of Current Year Immunization Requirements. (FYI=Immunizations due at 12-15 months…on day one of 12 months we are required to have something in the file from the Doctor stating when the immunizations will be given). Please see page 2 of the following:

2017-18_School_Requirement_Memo (1) (Kansas Immunization Requirements)

2017-18 Immunization Cheat Sheet (Kansas Immunization Requirements Cheat Sheet)

quality educationAnother form required is our CACFP Enrollment Form. This form is for enrollment into the State Food Program. Providing quality meals is important, the Kansas Food Program offers training, information, menu ideas, as well as making sure that our facility meets ALL state requirements in the kitchen.

2017-18_child_center_ief (All Students)

Infant Meal Offer Form 2017-18 (Infants 0-12mo)


All Forms are required to be filled out completely and submitted prior to the first day of care. Our administration office is open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday–Friday. Please call or arrive during those hours for tours, help with or submission of paper work, or any questions or concerns that you may have. You may also contact us through our contact page on this web-site.


RKCLC Community Involvement

Children’s Files Documents: Left Side:

  1. Medical Record pg. 1-2
  2. Copy of Immunization Records from Doctor
  3. Health Assessment pg. 3
  4. Authorization for Emergency Medical Care pg. 4
  5. Copy of Medical Insurance

Children’s Files Documents: Right Side: 

  1. Procare Student Information Print Out
  2. Immunizations Requirements–Received
  3. Tuition Breakdown / Application 
  4. Contract of Policy / Holiday Schedule
  5. General Child Care Policies / Checklist of Enrollment Forms
  6. Copy of CACFP Enrollment Form (All Students) and SIDS (Infants)
  7. Daily / Hourly (if Part-time Student)
  8. RKCLC Community Involvement Newsletter
  9. Letter to Parents
  10. Birth Certificate or SS Card (if received)

Scan into Procare after 1 month Anniversary with RKCLC