Educating Wichita One Child at a Time

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Welcome to the Educational World of Rainbow Knowledge Christian Learning Center.

We are a Preschool Center with Daycare or Child Care Center Hours. IMG_6338 006[2]

Our Motto: 

Educating Wichita One Child/Family at a time while staying on the cutting Edge of Education.

Our Mission:

The Mission of RKCLC is to build relationships with families while providing children with a strong foundational beginning. We provide developmental education for children from infancy to 12 years, and are passionate about utilizing cutting edge curriculum that will equip children for the next stages of their life and education. Our desire is that we impact Wichita through the passionate & knowledgeable teachers who work with the strong families we serve, to inspire our children to acheive excellence for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision:

The vision of RKCLC is to train children to live and grow in God’s Kingdom by cultivating Christ’s Character into the families & communities we serve.

Our Purpose:

A Christian Pre-School where Children obtain the foundations of Christ & a Preschool Education Daily, with Passionate Teachers guiding them along the way.

Enjoy the Internet Tour of our Facility. Contact us or print out the enrollment packet to complete the Enrollment Process.

Our Pet: 

This is our Guinea  Pig, “Little Pig” or also known as “Guinea.” Learning to care for and take care of others and animals is something that teaches soft touch and to be nice to your friends. We are bringing in animal education and care with this little guy. Welcome to the RKCLC Family Little Pig.